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Cosmetic Dental Services

At Dubreuil Lévesque Dental Centre in Gatineau, our dentists offer cosmetic dental services to improve the overall appearance of your teeth and gums.

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Cosmetic Dental Services, Gatineau Dentist

What is Cosmetic Dental Care?

The goal of cosmetic dental care is to improve the appearance of your teeth and gums.

Cosmetic procedures can help improve the color and symmetry of your teeth if they are discolored, damaged, broken, misaligned, or even spaced.

For many patients, these treatments can beautify their smiles and dramatically improve self-confidence.

Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is a safe and effective method of removing stains and lightening the color of your teeth. Teeth whitening uses peroxide-based agents to lighten the color of your teeth. We offer an at-home teeth whitening option for a brighter smile.

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Veneers are small, very thin shells made from composite resin or custom made porcelain. At Dubreuil Lévesque Dental Centre, our dentists use veneers to create more even smiles, securing the restoration to the front of your natural tooth to help improve the symmetry, shape, or color of your smile.

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Welcoming New Patients

Are you looking for a dentist in Gatineau? Our dentists our happy to be accepting new patients at our clinic. 

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